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Offres de thèse en Grande Bretagne

PhD Studentship: Investigation of Solidification Cracking in Advanced High Strength Steels

PhD Studentship opportunity in Nanowire transistors for bio-diagnostics: early stage cancer screening

15 PhD Positions in Digital and Data Technology for News Media

Sustainability Research Institute Studentship with Buglife (the Invertebrate Conservation Trust) and Natural England.

PhD: Information Extraction and Entity Linkage in Historical Crime Records

PhD Studentship: Testing Agents for Verification of Autonomous Systems

Fully Funded KESS II PhD Scholarship: The GUIDE Cymru: All Wales mental health literacy in all Year 9 children in Wales

PhD Studentship: Conducting Indirect Comparisons Between Treatments using Disconnected Evidence

PhD Research Scholarships

Faculty PhD Scholarships

PhD Studentship in Cell and Molecular Biosciences - Understanding the Molecular Regulation of Autophagy during Ageing

PhD Studentship: Communications applications of hollow-core optical fibres

PhD Studentship: Understanding Loss Mechanisms in Hollow Optical Fibers

PhD Studentship: Mid-IR hollow core fibres and their applications

PhD Studentship: Advanced Hollow Core Fibre Fabrication

PhD Studentship: Advanced Electromagnetics and Fluid Dynamics Modelling of Optical Fibres

PhD Studentship: Business Administration

PhD Studentship: Biocompatible and highly-stretchable hydrogel optoelectronic wearable sensor

PhD Studentship in Computational Fluid Dynamics: Scale-Resolving Simulations of Separated Flows at High Reynolds Numbers

PhD Studentship: Robotic Active Capsule Endoscope (RACE): advanced design, fabrication and control

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