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Offres de thèse en Grande Bretagne

Fully Funded Ph.D. Positions in Condensed Matter Science

PhD Studentship: Aerodynamics of Static and Dynamic Stall - An Experimental Study

PhD Studentship: Collapsing Bubbles in Complex Geometries using Laser-induced Cavitation

PhD Studentship: Uncertainty Quantification in Aeroelasticity using Reduced Order Models

PhD Studentship: The Impact of Bob-skeleton Sled Dynamics on Steering Performance

PhD Studentship: High Fidelity Simulation of Atmospheric Dispersion

PhD Studentship: Exploring the Impact of Public Involvement and Engagement: Methods, Outcomes and Learning for Best Practice

PhD Studentship: New DIC-based Material Test Standards: Design and Validation

PhD Studentship: Techno-economic Analysis of Hydrogen Generation with Carbon Capture and Storage

PhD Studentship: Hydrodynamic Drag Reduction for Underwater and Surface Vehicles

PhD Studentship: EPSRC Future Composites Manufacturing Research Hub ENG1218

Industrially supported PhD Studentship in Speech Enhancement & Recognition for UK/EU & International students

Simulation of Evolving Thermal Conductivity in Materials for Nuclear Fusion: Fully Funded PhD Studentship (3 year) in Engineering Department

Cotutelle MRes+PhD studentship

PhD Studentship - Detailed Investigation into the Energy Consumption Benefits of Vehicle Platooning

PhD Studentship: Change in Modifiable Maternal Characteristics between Successive Live Pregnancies and Childhood Overweight/Obesity in the Second Sibling

PhD Studentship: Adaptive Online Optimisation for Improved Powertrain Performance

Three-year full-time funded PhD Studentship

Fully Funded Swansea University and EPSRC PhD Scholarship: Advanced Functional Coatings for Integrative Semiconductor Materials and Devices

PhD Studentship: The relationship between macroeconomic conditions and banking crises

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