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Offres de thèse en Grande Bretagne

PhD in Manufacturing of Spherical D2 filled SiO2 Capsule

Academic Associate

PhD Studentship - Two Dimensional Metal Chalcogenides as Printable White Light Phosphors

PhD Studentship: Power Electronics Devices and Converters for Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Aircrafts

Emergent Constraints on Methane in the Earth System - Mathematics PhD (Funded)

PhD Studentship: Linking RDE emissions reduction technologies in advanced engines to oil dilution rates: In collaboration with the Ford Motor Company

Fully-Funded Full-Time PhD Studentship

PhD Studentship - CFD and Experimental Thermofluids in Rotating Machines

Research Associate (PhD Student)

PhD Studentship Opportunity in Nanostructure surveys of natural and biomimetic dental tissues by 3D SAXS tensor tomography

PhD Studentship - Understanding the Mechanisms of AAV9 Crossing of Brain-blood Barrier

PhD Studentship Opportunity in the Control of Corrosion in Cast Iron Trunk Main

EngD Studentship Opportunity in Deterioration relationships for a variety of water main materials

EngD Studentship Opportunity in Positive Pulse Plasma Technology

EngD Studentship Opportunity in Understanding the influence of nanoscale interactions on the macroscale rheological properties of complex fluids

PhD Studentships

PhD position (4 years) - Strengthening Regional Democracy

Phd Studentship: Using Novel Amp-activated Protein Kinase Activating Drugs to Improve the Pancreatic Alpha Cell Response to Hypoglycaemia in Diabetes

Doctoral Studentships in the School of Art

Phd Studentship: Transferability of Plant Pest Models

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