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Offres de thèse en Grande Bretagne

EPSRC Industrial CASE PhD Studentship "DNP-enhanced Solid-state NMR Studies of Pharmaceuticals"

PhD Studentship in School of Computing: Machine Learning for Synthetic Biology (EPSRC Portabolomics)

Nanopore RNA-Seq data analysis for characterising transcriptome malleability

Unlocking the therapeutic potential of E3 ubiquitin ligases through structure-function studies and Cryo-EM

PhD Studentship: Time Complexity Analysis of Bio-Inspired Computing

A role for lncRNAs in the transcriptional co-ordination of neighbouring genes

Developing better biopharmaceuticals using biomolecular simulation and modelling

Investigating conserved long noncoding RNA functions during melanocyte development in zebrafish and human melanoma

PhD Studentship: Mechanistic Studies of Fatigue in Austenitic Stainless Steels in a Pressurised Water Reactor Primary Coolant

PAINLESS Early Stage Researcher (2 positions) - Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network

PhD Studentship - Development of New Analytical and Experimental Schemes for Performance Analysis of Magnetic Cores of Power Transformers for Renewable Energy Systems

PhD Studentship - Characterisation of HVDC Grounding Systems during Fault Conditions

PhD Studentship - Optimal Design and Analysis of a Three Phase Linear Induction Motor (LIM) for Urban/interurban Rail Transportation Systems

4 Year MRC-Sackler PhD fellowships in Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Endothelin signaling, enteric nervous system and Hirschsprung disease in zebrafish

Clinical Research Fellow in Paroxysmal Noctural Haemoglobinuria

PhD Studentship: Investigation of Conditions Managed in Primary Care Among Survivors of Childhood, Teenage and Young Adult Cancer

Doctoral Candidate in Submillimetre Wave and THz Techniques

10 DPhil (PhD) Studentships in Synthetic Chemistry

PhD Studentships in Music

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